Paraton (Holdings) specialized in the manufacturing of a wide variety of fine custom designed jewellery products with real gold / silver / platinum or gold / silver / white metal plating. Every jewellery piece is inspected carefully to ensure that the quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process, providing our customers with confidence in the outstanding quality of our jewellery pieces.

Our service excels in consulting, design and product development from the beginning right through to the final product assembly in our administration and production sections. We are fully equipped to produce one-off prototypes all the way to full-scale productions. Our company is organized into two separate sections, the administrative section (consisting of administration, design, computer services, stone selection, wax-setting and silver modelling casting) and the production section (consisting of casting, trimming, setting, plating and refining sections).

When you provide a design, sample part, a photo or a sketch to our administration group, we will be able to fulfill your needs by utilizing our systems in place and we will work with you to meet your specifications. From the simplest to the most elaborate and sophisticated project, we will be able to analyze any proposal you might have and suggest the most suitable jewellery processes and materials for your application.
Paraton (Holdings) was founded in 1996. At the beginning, our company started with 100 people. Today, we have over 500 employees and are capable of overseeing all aspects of the production without relying on external sources. We have offices in Hong Kong and Guangdong Panyu, China. The facility of the factory is modern and efficient with set production areas, producing over 65,000 pieces for various types of jewellery per month.

Paraton (Holdings) also employs a central computerized system to track on all deliveries of precious materials. This system assists us in making an efficient production schedule for each department and track all materials that are required for processing.
Health and Safety

Providing a safe environment for all our staff members, we focus on the security and safety issue of hazards or precious materials storage and handling. All members are trained to the company's safety regulations and are required to wear masks to prevent any dust and contaminates during the duration of the process. We have resident trained and experienced custodians who are responsible for on-going maintenance of our equipment and materials. All hazardous materials are kept in a safe room with 24-hour security surveillance to prevent mishandling and accidents.

Manufacturing Schedule
The Design Department
After obtaining the idea or a sample of the product from our customer, our in-house design-consulting group would discuss the details with the customers such as the stone size, materials and the production time required.






The Wax Setting Department
All orders are checked before casting. A QC inspector will first check to see that the required stone will fit the sample piece. Then the inspector will check to see if the wax models are set properly. The items are then returned for casting. The work force of 19 can wax 5,000 pieces of stone for "parvie" and set 2,500 pieces of stone for channel setting daily.

The Casting Department
Our Casting department melts the customer specified precious metal mix and cast the pieces. The amounts of all materials used are recorded. Then, the pieces are sent on to the QC department for cutting of the roots. The gold casts are now ready to be "tramled" in the polishing department. When the process is completed, the casts are returned to the QC department to match with the orders.
All the mountings are then grouped by order and trimmed. Upon completion, the order is sent back to the polishing department for cleaning and semi polishing. At this juncture, the QC inspection team will decide whether or not to proceed with settings.

The Setting Department
Our Setting department will allocate work based on levels of experiences possessed by our setters. Upon completion, the item will be returned to the central QC department for re-inspection and approval. This production allows an experienced setter to complete up to 2,000 pieces consisting of 12,000 stones in one week.

The Plating Department
In our Plating department, we continue the polishing and the cleaning process of the items. Firstly, we polish the surface of the items with American wood plate using Grey wax. Secondly, using a yellow cloth and wheel-brushes we remove any blemishes found on the items caused by the sand blasting process. Thirdly, a white cloth is applied with red wax for polishing to enhance the shine of the items. For earrings and pendants, we use 3 inch felt brushes to clean their insides. An ultra sound machine now washes all items. A soluble solution or magic plating will then be applied to any item that requires additional rhodium treatment. The finished item is then returned to the QC department for inspection and approval.

The QC Department
Our inspectors monitor the entire process, examining all elements of the individual jewellery pieces thoroughly, including stamping, loose stones, smoothness and plating of each individual piece from the beginning to the end. At the end of each process, each item is checked for imperfections. If none are found, only then will each item be approved for the next step in the process. When the individual pieces are finished, the QC department will perform a final inspection before approval is given for the pieces to be delivered to the customer.
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